Hörmann's TNR ChillFast High Speed Freezer Door

Energy Saving Operation for Food-Beverage & Cold Storage

Slow-moving freezer doors can slow down operations. Streamline everyday processes and maximize profits with the ChillFast high speed freezer door, which incorporates well into fast-paced food, beverage and cold storage applications.

Our high-performance ChillFast door is suitable for applications up to 13'0"wide X 18'0" high. It is finely crafted using an insulated panel and durable components. With an opening speed of up to 108 inches per second, this door is fast, durable, and completely reliable.

Minimize Temperature Loss in Cold Spaces

Standard features:

  • High speed operation reduces cooling costs.
  • Insulated reinforced vinyl curtain endures cold temperatures.
  • Soft bottom with safety edge releases upon impact & automatically resets.
  • Heated aluminum guide tracks with integrated photo eyes, wear strips and fabric loop seals.
  • Aluminum roll and operator hood/cover with attractive white finish.
  • GFCI protected heater cable system in guides, bottom edge and hood.
  • Plug and play electrical connections reduce installation time.
  • Air curtain system (heated or non-heated) is optional.

Detailed product information including specifications, drawings and brochures are available here:
Hörmann's TNR ChillFast High Speed Freezer Door