Speed-Guardian™ 4000 HR Hurricane Rated

Speed-Guardian 4000 HR FBC Approved # FL 17220

Approved for Hurricane Wind Zone 4, the Speed-Guardian™ 4000 HR with solid panel is approved for use in areas that require a Class 4 hurricane rated door.  The attractive 1-5/8" thick door panel is made of heavy-duty, un-insulated anodized aluminum, double-walled slats.

  • FBC approval # FL 17220
  • Impact resistant:  Yes
  • Design pressure:  +50 / -50 psf
  • Approved for use outside HVHZ:  Yes
  • Approved for use in HVHZ: Limited.
  • Large missile impact test:  Passed level D



Speed-Guardian 5000 CV-TD-HR

The CV model is a complete panel of vision slats that allows more light into the building and more visibility from inside to outside.  The attractive design is popular for its aesthetic appeal and security.  The two door solution combines our 5000 CV with tandem solid shutter door, which meets test-protocol for Wind Zone 5.  Three tandem shutter mounting configurations are available to accommodate all applications:  Under lintel mount, above lintel mount and exterior mount.