Smart Start™ NXT NEMA 4X Control Box

Ultimate Ease & Convenience

Standard on the Speed-Commander™, Speed-Master®, Speed-Guardian™ and Steel Ranger™ models, and based on proven German technology, the Smart Start™ NXT NEMA 4X control box provides an easy, convenient system for powering-up Hörmann high performance doors.  This progressive technology reduces installation time and delivers the simple set up system installers and customers want.

Dependable and Proven

Fourth generation German technology, proven worldwide, provides the product sustainability and durability you are looking for. The Smart Start™ NXT NEMA 4X control box comes with our solid product warranty and promise as a manufacturer that you can trust our products to be there for many years to come.

Minimize Downtime

A self-diagnostic display quickly identifies the type of malfunction, and user-friendly diagnostics reduce  downtime. A 24/7 watchdog system provides protection from power surges that could damage the system. Its soft start and soft stop minimizes wear to provide a long service life.

Reduce Installation Time

A color-coded distribution block accepts the activation and protection device wiring; main power cables feed through pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the box where the individual wires, with pre-wired removable terminal blocks, simply plug into the circuit board.  There are extra ports on the control board allowing for firmware upgrades and future expansion.  A USB port is included for maintenance monitoring.