Wireless Crash Alert System

24-7-365 Remote Door Monitoring for Multiple Doors and Sites

Minimize downtime by reducing the number of hits to your doors.  Research shows that employees are more careful with company property if they know they are being monitored.  By assigning numbers or location ID's to the high speed doors, the wireless crash alert system will send a notification when a specific door is hit; information that may be used to monitor chronic hits caused by human error.

Wireless Impact Detector Notifies Wireless Cellular Gateway

The impact detector device is attached to the door bottom bar and comes with an adjustable sensitivity function. Up to 500 doors can be monitored on a single network.  When a door is hit, the wireless cellular Gateway receives notice of a hit and transfers the data to a specified phone as a phone call, a text message, or to an email. The door identification along with time of the hit is visible, real-time, to the manager. Example: Apartment / condominium building managers can respond to a door issue before receiving a complaint from a tenant, eliminating downtime and discontent.

Optional LED Alert Display Box

For applications within close proximity to the door, an optional local alert LED display box is available which sounds an audible alert and displays critical details about the door that was hit, including door number, time of impact and more. This is ideal for locations that have maintenance crews on-site and available to respond immediately.

Real-Time Alerts Via Text, Phone and Email

Especially useful for after hours tracking, real-time alerts may be set up to be directed to a phone / text and / or email.