Remote Keypad

For applications where control box is remotely installed

A convenient and modern solution, the remote keypad accesses control box functions when the control box is remotely installed.

Streamline Aesthetics For Modern Applications

More and more installations are requiring that the door control box is installed out of the reach of passersby or completely away from the door in a central location.  For these types of applications, our remote keypad is the ideal accessory; it allows for the actual door control box to be remotely installed while still having the ability to operate all control functions through a compact, 3” x 5-½” keypad. 

Performs Control Box Functions

The same functions performable on the door control box may also be performed on the remote keypad.  Initial installation set-up, opening and closing, as well as service and troubleshooting are all done through the remote keypad.

Easy to Install - Flush or Surface Mounted

The remote keypad may be installed as a flush or surface mount on any surface including drywall, steel or wood.  Only on our model Speed-Commander™ 1500 Compact, the remote keypad may be factory-installed / flush mounted on the guide track.  Both mounting choices are streamline and aesthetically-pleasing.