LZR Widescan Opening Sensor

Reliable Detection in Sensitive Environments

This sensor uses laser technology, based on analysis of time of flight. It creates a volumetric area in front of the door by generating seven angled laser curtains. One device alone carries out three functions: opening the door, area surveillance and safety. More than just a sensor, it becomes a protective mechanism for the door and the user. 

Volumetric Coverage For Better Protection

The combination of seven laser curtains in front of the door makes it possible to measure distance accurately and offers advantages, such as calculation of the size and trajectory of an object. It detects approaching or parked vehicles accurately in order to prevent any contact with the door, acting like a virtual pull cord or virtual loop detector.

Independent of the Flooring and Environment

Laser technology offers a unique level of independence when confronted with sources of atmospheric disturbance, such as rain, snow, fog, reflective surfaces, etc. It filters out pedestrians and rejects parallel traffic.

Filters Out Parallel Traffic For Energy Savings

Since it constantly records and follows the trajectory of the object, its height and nature, it filters out parallel traffic and, if necessary, ignores pedestrians. Thanks to the reliability of its presence detection zones, it can reduce the time-lag and guarantee that the door is closed more rapidly.

Easy and Flexible Shaping of Detection Zone

Installation requires identifying two visible spots on the floor which align the first curtain with the center of the door. From there, an intuitive configuration is provided by the LCD screen and / or remote control. The field can be positioned centrally or laterally, depending on the application. Then ‘teaching’ of various detection zones (opening, presence, safety) are done via the remote control.