Contact Customer Service / Inside Sales

Donna Paules
Phone: 724.385.9150, ext. 302
Customer Service / Inside Sales

Supports: Andy Trout, Brian Fulton, David Quigg, and Jeff Siulborski
Regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Rust Belt

Hollie Polen
Phone: 724.385-9150, ext. 309 
Customer Service / Inside Sales

Supports:  Brian Braam, Erick Gonsolin, Jim Geiger, Joe Burns and Luis Lane
Regions:  Lake Michigan, Northcentral, Northwest, Southwest, Southcentral

Courtney Wetzel
Phone: 724.385-9150, ext. 306  
Sales Support Specialist

Supports: Joe Jones and Whitney Hopper
Markets:   Retail Automotive and Cold Storage

April Brown
Phone: 724.385.9150, ext. 314 
Parts Department Manager

Bob Rozell
Phone:  724.385.9150, ext. 324
Sales Support Engineer