What's So Cool About Manufacturing

As working professionals who go to ‘work’ every day at a manufacturing company, sometimes it’s challenging to imagine what we do as….well…. ‘cool.’

So…What’s Cool About Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is demanding; it’s where raw materials are converted into a marketable product, fulfilling specific needs; where ideas are researched and brought to life; where sales people are tasked to sell it (every month and every year!) and where people and processes literally create the product and ship it to its final destination.  Recently, a bright new light was cast on what we as a manufacturer do every day, and how we all make a difference within the organization….and yes, it turns out that manufacturing IS cool…..especially at Hörmann High Performance Doors!

We were fortunate enough to be partnered with the Burgettstown Middle School, through Catalyst Connection, which is a business development organization located in Pittsburgh, for the 2016-17 Explore the New Manufacturing Student Video Contest.  This is an annual contest based in the Pittsburgh, PA region, with a goal of raising awareness about manufacturing, within local schools on the middle school level, and the exciting career opportunities that exist in manufacturing.  The program also addresses the need for a skilled workforce within the manufacturing industry while showing students, parents and teachers the interconnectedness between the arts and manufacturing.  23 schools were partnered with 23 local manufacturers, and the students were challenged to create a video with the theme, “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” To add to the fun, four award categories were up for grabs:  Best Manufacturing Message, People’s Choice, Most Creative and Best Marketing Plan.  

The students, with their teachers, learned the ropes about videography, marketing, editing, and the like.  They spent an entire morning here at Hörmann, interviewing employees about what they do for the company, including the types of tools required, what they like about their work, and what education / background is required for what they do.  The students arrived with their teachers, and were well-prepared, organized and on a mission to capture, What’s So Cool About Manufacturing.  When the video shoot was complete, they returned to school and spent countless hours cutting, editing and finally presenting a precise 3 minute video.  The result was awesome and included interesting perspective from people who work in the production area actually building the doors, to making the shipping crates, and to the sales and marketing perspective from employees whose job it is to get the doors out there to the companies that need them.  

Much to our enjoyment, our group of students won the People’s Choice Award which is for recognition of the most popular video as voted on by the people, for content and message, at the awards ceremony that took place at Heinz Field on February 22. What an awesome job done by the students!  Being involved with this video project, with those kids really helped to create a fresh perspective about what we do, day in and day out…and confirmed that what we do really IS cool!.....especially at Hörmann High Performance Doors.