LEED Basics

US Green Building Council's LEED Program:  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green buildings rating system with four rating levels based on total points achieved in the building design.

Certified = 40-49 points earned

Silver = 50-59 points earned

Gold = 60-79 points earned

Platinum = 80+ points earned

Our high performance doors qualify for BD+C points

Our high performance doors qualify for points in the following categories as optional credits of the Building Design + Construction (BD+C) Guide for New Constructions and Major Renovation in LEED v4:

EA credit #2
Energy and Atmosphere Category
#2) Optimized Energy Performance: 18 credits available

MR credit #1 and #3
Materials and Resources Category
#1) Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction: 5 credits available
#3) Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials: 2 credits available

IEQ credit #2 and #4
Indoor Environmental Quality Category
#2) Low Emitting Materials: 3 credits available
#4) Indoor Air Quality Assessment: 2 credits available

IN credit #1
Innovation Category
#1) Innovation: 5 credits available

RP credit #1
Regional Priorities Category
#1) Regional Priority - Specific Credit: 1 credit available