Steel Ranger 9000 L Low Headroom Design Introduced

A low headroom version of the Steel Ranger™ 9000 L, spring-less, high cycle, high performance rolling steel door, is now available from Hörmann High Performance Doors.

For door openings up to 9'0" high, this low headroom model will accommodate applications where there is limited headroom clearance, a common concern in parking garage applications.  The low headroom Steel Ranger™ 9000 L only requires 18-1/2" of clearance above the opening, and also includes all of the standard operating features of the standard track model introduced in 2015, including an opening speed up to 45" per second, exclusive Decotherm® steel panel, built-in light grid, and 5 & 2 / 500,000 cycle warranty.

"We are very excited to be able to offer this revolutionary rolling steel door in a low headroom design.  Now, the Steel Ranger™ 9000 L is a viable choice for just about every parking garage application, and offers superior aesthetics and performance, as compared to a traditional rolling steel door," comments Peter Burnham, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.