Hörmann High Performance Doors has launched a new service support app now available on the App Store and Google Play.  The app is configured to help technicians who service and install Hörmann high speed, high performance doors, with initial door installation as well as with resolving errors and malfunctions in the field, without having to call into the company’s technical support department, reducing downtime for the customer.  A specific fault code that appears on the door control box LED screen may be entered into a text field on the app homescreen, and the Issue and Solution immediately appear.  New installers will appreciate the Quickstart Guide which lists common start-up tasks and settings for fast and efficient commissioning of new door installations.  A complete parameter list with clear explanations is readily available, and wiring diagrams and schematics for control boxes and activations may be rotated and expanded for a clear view of important details.  App users still have the option to call into technical support with the press of a button if they exhaust efforts within the app content.