Effective March 9, Hörmann North America has launched one master social media page for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook under the name: "Hörmann North America."  This will give a new avenue of access to information and news about our products, both current and upcoming all in one spot.

From product (commercial, high performance and residential) to employee news, and tradeshows to training, all posts will be focused on growing one social media presence for all of North America. This will also streamline communications across all product lines and brand identity in the most effective way possible.  A campaign has launched on all existing social media platforms and pages that are currently active (Hörmann High Performance Doors and Hörmann Northwest Door) to clearly communicate the changes to current followers so they are aware and inspired to follow Hörmann North America. This means you will no longer see any new content posted to those pages and should head over to Hörmann North America to stay connected.

Search for Hörmann North America on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to connect.