In December, 2022, Hörmann added the HD-DD 2555 to their HD SERIES rubber doors.  This model meets a wide range of needs and with only 20ʺ of required headroom, easily fits into retrofit installations with limited clearance.  A springless, direct-drive system provides a door that is simple to install, requires little maintenance and performs well in rugged environments where high-speed operation is a must.

Applications such as transit, airport and rail maintenance shops are ideal applications for the HD-DD 2555.  A variable frequency drive (VFD) motor provides soft start and soft stop, ensuring smooth operation and extended life of the mechanical system.  Clever engineering makes it possible to maintain the standard features of speed and durability along with all the benefits of a direct-drive system in a door that offers more flexibility to installers when faced with limited clearances on the job site. The HD-DD 2555 may be installed on door openings up to 25 feet wide and 17 feet high, with opening speeds up to 55 inches per second, depending on the door size.  Maximum recommend cycles are up to 500 cycles per day, and this door comes with the Hörmann’s 5 and 2 Warranty.