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About Hörmann Flexon

On September 23, 2007, the Hörmann Group acquired the business operations of Flexon, Inc. Hörmann is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial doors and openers as well as loading dock equipment outside the United States and is known as a worldwide leader in door safety and technology. Manufacturing continues in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, with the ability to provide our customers with a broader range of high performance door products. Our high performance doors are ideal for applications in industrial and commercial facilities such as warehouses, food processing and storage facilities, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, fire stations and retail automotive dealerships. With a total commitment to product quality and a team approach to customer satisfaction, Flexon is well recognized throughout the world as a leader in high performance door manufacturing.

Hörmann LLC manufactures and distributes residential and sectional doors and is based in Montgomery, IL.

Hörmann Flexon LLC has manufactured high speed industrial doors for more than 30 years. We engineer every product with simplicity in mind so that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and repairs are manageable.

All of our customers receive support each step of the way, from the quote to post-installation follow-through.

Hörmann Flexon's experienced technical service staff is always just a phone call away to assist with technical questions before, during, and after product installation of our high performance doors.

We know that an out-of-service door or can have a disruptive ripple effect throughout an operation. That's why we have an extensive parts inventory, with most parts available for shipping within 24 hours. In addition, during critical situations, our dedicated technical service personnel will provide mobile phone numbers for availability after normal business hours.

Additionally, at Hörmann Flexon LLC, research and development is a continual process. We listen carefully to our technical support calls for opportunities to make additional improvements to our high speed doors and loading dock equipment. Concepts for new products are always on the drawing board, with a dedicated focus on ease of installation and maintenance, as well as durability and affordability.

Contact us at 1.800.365.3667 or 724.385.9150 or  to find a Hörmann Flexon dealer in your area.

Please call us at 1.800.365.3667 or 724.385.9150 and ask for the Parts Department to find a Hörmann Flexon dealer in your area. You may also email our Parts Department directly:

High Performance Doors

No, each door is manufactured to the specific site size openings. Each model offered has minimum and maximum size requirements.

Dependability, experience, quality and state-of-the-art products, along with the best warranty in the industry.

Why does a company use a high speed door? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduction in energy costs, heating and or cooling costs.
  • Safety features and actuators make the doors safe for people , equipment and products to pass through.
  • Workflow enhanced as to opening/closing speeds, speeds up to 100" per second opening.
  • Minimize operational costs.
  • Minimize transmission of contaminants.
  • High cycle abilities, 1 million plus cycles with minimal maintenance.
  • Added security.
  • Ability to take abuse, breakaway bottom/curtain and self-repairing features.
  • Indicates commitment to corporate image of progression/positive growth.
  • Attractive and clean looking.
  • Separate one work area from another.
  • Aid in protection against harsh conditions, wind, snow, sleet and rain.
  • Reduction in sound transfer.

High Performance Doors can be found operating in the following industries:
Food/ Airports & Airlines/ Automotive Manufacturers / New Car Dealerships/ Mining/ Chemical/ Breweries/ Pharmaceutical/ Beverage/ Hospitals & Medical Facilities/ Trucking/ Industrial/ Courier/
General Manufacturing/ Construction/ Mass Transit/ Design & Build/ Steel/ Paper Manufacturing Distribution/ Railway/ Government / Parking Garages / Fire Stations

Speed-Commander™ 1400 line, Speed-Master® Series as well as the Speed-Guardian™ line.

Speed-Master® Series and the Speed-Guardian™ line. 

Product Questions


  • Low cycle, cycle life of approximately 12,000 cycles. 50,000 and 100,000 cycle springs available.
  • Slow Speeds, 8" to 12" Open/Close
  • Lost productivity while waiting for door(s) to open
  • Energy lost due to slow speeds
  • Poor sealing around doors, lost energy resulting from poor weather sealing
  • Many moving parts that are easily worn, need replacement
  • Doors easily damaged and with no easy turnaround of repair(s)
  • No self repairing function, service required
  • High maintenance costs
  • Limited durability in high cycle areas

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