Speed-Guardian™ 5000 Series

New for 2017 - The Speed-Guardian™ 5000 Series of high performance rigid panel doors!  The Speed-Guardian™ 5000 replaces the Speed-Guardian™ 4000 Series (a couple of Speed-Guardian™ 4000 models will remain because of design and specification limitations.) and offers several exciting updates:  more efficient slat design (new overall slat dimensions are 10" high x 1-5/8" thick with improved thermal breaks in the solid slats), NEMA 4X Smart Start™ NXT control box* as standard, and optional tinted vision slats for privacy.

Urethane Insulated Panel Sections - Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

The 10" high x 1-5/8" thick panel slats made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, provide a durable and lasting surface.  A urethane core with an R-value of 13.6 and U-value 1.04 (U-value of core and steel skin) provides optimum insulation, reduces loss of conditioned air and contributes to energy savings.  Synthetic panel connectors provide an extremely smooth and quiet door operation, and improved thermal breaks located in the top and bottom of each slat provide even better thermal efficiency.

Exclusive Duratec® Insulated Windows - Clear or Tinted

In addition to clear windows, the Speed-Guardian™ 5000 is now available with tinted privacy windows, available in Obscured White or Smoke Gray (all window styles are optional).  In addition, all window options are coated with our exclusive Duratec® finish which prevents marks and scratches caused by cleaning, and retain clear view after many cleanings.  Our windows are insulated:  42 models are double-pane and 67 models are triple pane.  The Speed-Guardian™ 5000 door is available with a complete vision panel, designed for the pleasing aesthetic appeal some applications require.

NEMA 4X Smart Start™ NXT Control Box - Standard

All 5000 models include our Smart Start™ NXT, NEMA 4X, control box as standard.  The updated control box has a simplified wiring configuration and is more powerful with fewer components and cables as compared to the original Smart Start™.  A distribution block accepts the activation and protection device wiring; main power cables fee through pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the box where the individual wires, with pre-wired removable terminal blocks, simply plug into the circuit board.  There are extra ports on the control board allowing for firmware upgrades and future expansion.  A USB port is included for maintenance monitoring.

Built-in Light Grid

The standard light grid is integral with the guide tracks making it less susceptible to damage by passing loads.  This system enhances protection of personnel and goods and drastically reduces the likelihood of damage and repair to other parts of the door, saving on maintenance costs.

Application / Size Range / Additional Models

Interior or
Exterior applications:

Up to 21’4" wide x 21’4" high. Complete-view (CV) option available for doorways up to 18’0" wide x 12’0" high.

1-5/8" thick x 10" high panel sections are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with a urethane foam core and have an R-value of 13.6. Section joints with intermediate seals create a pinch resistant panel.
The standard color is RAL 9006 on both the exterior and interior. The exterior surface comes with a Micrograin™ finish, the interior is stucco-textured.  CV (complete view) models have a 1-5/8" thick door panel made of double-pane vision slats and a non-insulated, anodized aluminum bottom slat.  Finish is C0 anodized aluminum.

Optional windows are 10" high, double-pane, with a Duratec® synthetic glazing, which enables the windows to retain clear view even after many cleanings and with heavy use.  Tinted vision slats are a perfect choice for applications where filtered light is required within the interior side, but privacy from the outside to inside view is desired.  Tinted color options are:  Obscured White and Smoke Gray.


Up to 80" per second.


20" per second.


Guide tracks are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel and have an enclosed chain and integral light grid.
The chain requires no re-tensioning and is resistant to distension.


Optional low-headroom track configuration available.  Consult factory for more information.

Compact, self-monitoring direct-drive motor has a patented built-in catch system and is maintenance free. 



Smart Start™ NXT NEMA 4X.

HFCB  NEMA 3 Smart Start™ NXT (1-phase, 230 v only).


8’0" high light grid integral with the guide tracks. Emergency opening via hand chain hoist and spring counterbalance.

R-value refers only to the panel's resistance against energy loss.  U-value is an internationally recognized measurement tool that provides data about the energy flow lost through the total panel construction including the panel, seals, windows, etc.  The 5000's solid sections provide the most efficient U-value available today.

Speed-Guardian™ 4000 HR - Approved for Hurricane Wind Zones 1 to 4 - Florida Product Approval # FL 17220

The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 HR with solid panel is approved for use in areas that require a Class 3 hurricane rated door.  The attractive 1-5/8" thick door panel is made of heavy-duty, un-insulated anodized aluminum, double-walled slats.

  • FBC approval # FL 17220
  • Impact resistant:  Yes
  • Design pressure:  +50 / -50 psf
  • Approved for use outside HVHZ: Yes
  • Approved for use in HVHZ: Limited.  Available only with HVHZ door / shutter combo option for Zone 5 areas. 
  • Large missile impact test: Passed level D / Wind zone up to 140 mph

Speed-Guardian™ 5000 CV-TD-HR Class 5 rated two door solution

The CV model is a complete panel of vision slats that allows more light into the building and more visibility from inside to outside.  The attractive design is popular for its aesthetic appeal and security, however, no all-vision door can meet hurricane standards.  The two door solution combines our 5000 CV with tandem solid shutter door, meeting the Class 5 hurricane rating.

The Speed-Guardian™ 5000 CV 42 model is a complete panel of visions slats that allows more light into the building and more visibility from inside to outside.  CV (complete view) models have a 1-5/8" thick door panel made of double-pane vision slats and a non-insulated, anodized aluminum bottom slat.  Finish is C0 anodized aluminum.The attractive design is a popular choice of retail automotive facilities for its aesthetic appeal and security.

Requiring only 20" of clearance, the Speed-Guardian™ 5000 LH 42 low head room model fits into applications where there is limited headroom.  A chain mechanism with spring compensation runs the panel into horizontal tracks.

Low-profile, galvanized steel guide tracks are only 8" wide, enabling the Speed-Guardian™ 5000 LP 42 to fit into areas with minimal clearance.  No spring assist is necessary due to the small maximum door size for this model of 12'0" wide X 14'0" high.  All of the same outstanding Speed-Guardian™ features are included, such as 1-5/8" thick door panel slats, double-pane vision slats with exclusive Duratec® protective coating.

For a streamline and quiet door operation, look to the Speed-Guardian™ V high performance door with vertical-lift track.  The door panel runs on the face of the wall, vertically above the door opening.  Operation is very quiet and wear-free.  This model includes the same dependable features as the Model 5000 with standard track configuration, including 1-5/8" thick insulated panel slats and double-pane vision slats with exclusive Duratec® protective coating.

The Speed-Guardian™ 5000 H high performance door with high-lift track configuration is designed for applications with obstructions around the door opening.  The panel is guided inside higher than usual vertical tracks to the point where there is enough space for the horizontal track to run.  This flexible mounting design allows the door to be installed behind or above supply lines, crane tracks or support beams, and includes the same dependable features as the Model 5000.  The high-lift track model is available with either 1-5/8" thick (42 mm) panel slats or 2-5/8" thick (67 mm) panel slats.

The Speed-Guardian™ A Acoustic door is an acoustic-rated door solution.  1-5/8" thick panel sections are made of anodized aluminum with a urethane foam core.  Aluminum hollow profiles offer acoustic insulation up to 31 dB.  This model is an effective solution for controlling sound infiltration in interior or exterior locations where noise control is desired and may be used with any of our four track designs.