Screen-Master® Insect Control Barriers

Screen Doors: Clean, Durable, Simple

With Hörmann Flexon Screen-Master® screen doors, you don't have to sacrifice sanitation for comfort. Our screen doors are available in several models for applications in packaging companies, food processing facilities, warehouses, and bakeries.

Your employees will appreciate the ventilation in warm seasons, particularly in facilities without air conditioning. You can maintain security and safety while adding the extra protection of an insect and bird barrier, keeping your facility clean and cool. Our doors are often installed at loading docks, dumpster areas, and pedestrian walkways.

As the original developers of the insect barrier door, we've "worked out the bugs" through our continual product improvement cycle, so we can offer the most dependable screens available.



The nylon mesh screen remains vibrant for years.  Antiseptic additives prevent mildew growth, and the materials clean easily with soap and water.  The 10 oz./sq. yd. vinyl coated polyester screen has a thread count of 17 x 11 / sq. in. providing a long service life.  Standard colors are royal blue or black.  Consult factory for additional color options.  A fine weave material with 28 x 11 thread count is optional.

Easy Fit by low-profile, galvanized steel guide

Easy Fit

The low-profile, galvanized steel guide tracks on our roll-up screen door models occupy only a minimal amount of space within the door opening.  (Face-of-wall mount is shown.)

Bottom Draft seals ensure extra protection

Extra Protection

All Screen-Master® screen doors come with bottom draft seals that provide extra protection from unwanted access at the bottom of the door.  On roll-up models SC-100, SC-200 and SC-800, the draft seal is foam-filled; sliding models SC-300 and SC-500 come with a tear-resistant vinyl floor sweep gasket.

Wind Stabilizer profiles providing panel stability


Screen-Master® screen doors are made for use in low to moderate wind conditions.  Models SC-100, SC-200 and SC-800 come with full-width, wind stabilizer profiles providing panel stability and preventing the door from blowing out.  During high winds, we recommend keeping the doors in the fully open position.

Automatic roll-up screen door models SC-100 and SC-800 offer great convenience


Our automatic roll-up screen door models SC-100 and SC-800 offer great convenience.  They come with a 110 v UL-rated heavy duty tubular motor for low-cycle use, which  opens and closes the panel at 12" per second.  Integral low-profile limit switches close the door firmly to the floor.

Screen-Master® screen doors are very versatile


Screen-Master® screen doors are very versatile and accommodate most applications: Under lintel (standard), face-of-wall and overhead stand-off mount.  For narrow openings, we recommend face-of-wall or overhead door stand-off mount to minimize potential damage to the screen.