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High Performance Door Series

Speed-Commander 1200 Dock-Master / Screen-Master

The Speed-Commander 1200 Dock-Master / Screen-Master is a heavy duty roll-up door intended for low-frequency use and is a perfect fit for applications need the convenience of a high performance door without requiring a high cycle door. View Gallery

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL is ideal for interior doorways up to 14'0" wide x 16'0" high in the following applications: pharmaceutical, hospitals, beverage, manufacturing, commercial buildings, general industry and more. View Gallery

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa

The Clean-Master 20 Pa is specially made for clean room applications and tightly seals door openings to prevent air movement. View Gallery

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Cool-Master

This is the ideal door for energy conscious, 24/7/365 applications in agricultural, medical and cooler distribution facilities. View Gallery

Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Food-Master

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL Food-Master for interior door openings up to 14'0" wide x 16'0" high, is designed to allow you to select only the stainless steel options your application requires.  View Gallery

Speed-Commander 1400 MP Machine Protection

SC 1400 MP machine protection doors effectively separate equipment from work areas. View Gallery

Speed-Master® 1600 L

The Speed-Master® 1600 L is designed for door openings up to 14'0" wide x 16'0" high. Manufacturing and industrial markets rely on the 1600 L to maintain environmental control in tough environments. View Gallery

Speed-Master® 2600 L

For door openings up to 20'0" wide x 24'0" high, the Speed-Master® 2600 L is a popular choice of plant engineers and maintenance managers because of its proven track record for sustainability. View Gallery

Speed-Master® 4600

Extra large door openings up to 32'0" wide demand nothing less than the Speed-Master® 4600. Warehouses, mass transit garages, waste management facilities and many other industries with extreme environments trust the proven performance of the 4600. View Gallery

Rubber doors

The rugged and dependable construction of the 4600 R Series is why they are the choice high performance rubber door for environmental control in harsh applications such as mining, transportation, waste management and manufacturing. View Gallery

Speed-Guardian™ 4000

For exterior or interior locations in auto retail, condos and secure parking garages, the Speed-Guardian™ 4000 secure high speed roll up door with urethane panel sections provides the most efficient U-value available today. View Gallery

Automotive Retail

Energy efficient and attractive - Fast operating speeds enhance comfort and security. The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 is the high speed door with the outstanding aesthetic appeal many new car dealerships desire. View Gallery

Fire Stations

Great-looking, secure and highly energy efficient - Fast operating speeds allow for quick exits. The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 is the high speed door with the outstanding aesthetic appeal more fire stations are including in remodels & new construction. View Gallery


The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 high speed security door easily provides the security and efficiency necessary for installation in parking garages in condominums, banks and government buildings.  View Gallery


The rugged and dependable Speed-Master® 4600 stands up to the demands of busy transportation applications. View Gallery

Waste Management

The fastest door in its class, the Speed-Master® 4600 out performs competitive high speed roll-up doors in demanding applications such as waste management, parking garages and general industry. View Gallery

Screen-Master® Insect Control Barriers


We have a Screen-Master® insect control barrier for any dock, dumpster, ground level or pedestrian doorway. Manual and automatic designs are available to accommodate any budget and requirement for ventilation and environmental control. View Gallery



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